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Classic Car FAQ

How do I tell if I have clear or factory tinted glass?

The easiest way to tell if your glass is clear or factory tinted is to hold a piece of white paper behind the glass and if it has a greenish tint or color to it then your glass has the factory green tint.


How do I find the model or style number of my vintage auto?

Usually you can find your model and or style number on the identification plate that is most times located on the firewall under the hood.


Can I get glass cut for a custom application?

Yes, we can cut flat glass to any pattern that you provide to us.


What about shipping glass?

We ship glass every day and are able to pack it properly for a safe arrival to you. All of our glass is shipped fully insured just in case it does get damaged during the shipping process.


Can I have my glass installed in the frames or channels by you?

Yes, if you send us your old channels we would be happy to put them together for you for a small charge with your new glass purchased from us, however we do not paint, refurbish or rechrome anything. Any restoration of your channels or frames would have to be done prior to you sending them to us.


Where do I get rubber channels and or seals?

We do carry many rubber channels and seals in stock and are adding to our inventory all the time, if we don't have it we can usually get it for you at competitive prices.

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